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FAQS: Fan Misting Systems

How much cooler will the air be with a fan misting system?
Depending on the conditions of the environment, temperatures can decrease anywhere from 10 to 35 degrees. The misting fans also cool the air up to 76 feet away.

What is the purpose of the high pressure nozzles in a fan misting system?
The high-pressure nozzles produce a super fine mist which ensures the fast and complete evaporation to produce cooling (flash evaporation).

Will the misting fan cause me to get wet?
You will only get wet if you are standing within six feet of the nozzle.

Are there environmental benefits to using misting fans?
The mist that is produced helps keep the air clean of dust, smoke and even flying insects.

Are the misting fans energy efficient?
YES - The systems draw less than 12 amps to start up and run on less than 9 amps.

How much water does a fan misting system use?
You might think a system that produces such benefits must use an enormous amount of water, but the actual water usage is only about one gallon per hour per nozzle.

Is the fan misting system difficult to maintain?
Misting Fan Systems require very little maintenance. We do recommend some preventative care and cleaning for the nozzles.

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