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Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid, LoudAudi

Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)

General Characteristics: Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid, LoudAudi

Full Medix puts at your fingertips the product LoudAudi, is a mini hearing device type, Inside the Ear. It is lightweight, comfortable, rechargeable, and invisible to wear for a long time without pain.
Use the GM-916 hearing aid for older people who have hearing problems as long as they are not completely deaf. It can be used for near-deaf people in hearing aids with volume adjustment for nearsighted people. Deaf people do not need an ear test. Very easy to use.
The sound is constantly received and expanded, so there is the possibility of a howl after the ignition.
Maximum OSPL90: =110dB
High-frequency average SOPL90: 106dB
Max Output (DB): =110dB
Max Gain (DB): 30dB±5dB
Input Noise (DB): =25dB
Frequency Range (Hz): 200Hz-5000Hz
Total Harmonic Distort: =10%
Battery charge box: Charge product 4-5 times
Battery Type: Bulit in Recharge lithium battery
Working standard time: About 30 Hours
Battery charge full: 2Hours
Material: ABS
Color: Red&Blue
Size: N.W.:4.5g, G.W.:160g, Color box size:12.5*9.5*4cm, Carton size: 51.5*48*23.2cm
Packing: 2pcs
Accessories: item*2pcs, charge case*1, user manual*1, USB cable*1pcs, Brush*1, etc.

Product Applications: Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid, LoudAudi

Is suitable for the elderly and people with hearing loss.

Warranty: Mini Rechargeable Hearing Aid, LoudAudi

Has 1 year warranty subject to VentDepot clauses.
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1 .- 1 Pair, ITE, Red/Blue, 200 to 5000Hz, Max. 110dB, Type-C Compatible, Rechargebale, 1.3V, ABS Plastic.
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