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Innovative round rear vent, RounBackIntake

Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)

General Characteristics: Innovative round rear vent, RounBackIntake

The round back intake roof vent is a hybrid design where the top 1/3 of the collar is closed.
This side needs to fase the ridge of the roof.
As a result, this will prevent runoff from entering inside the vent.
The rest of the collar has 1/8 inch louvers that prevent rain, snow, insects, and animals from entering inside.
This 12 inch roof vent is ideal for roofs with a 2/12 roof pitch in climate zones 1-3.
This intake roof vent should be installed near the lower end of the roof.
To determine the number of vents you may need for proper attic ventilation, see the Vent Calculator.
The Round Back Intake Roof Vent will provide fresh air into the attic.
Without proper rooftop ventilation, heat and moisture may cause decay of the structure. In other words, ventilation helps to make a home more comfortable and Energy efficient.

Product Applications: Innovative round rear vent, RounBackIntake

It adapts to residential and comercial buildings, as well as roofs with flat or steep slopes. A profesional can install a Gravity Ventilator in any climate zone and on all types of roofs.
Rafer to the Climate Zone Chart to determine the appropriate collar height for installation in your área. The installation of the Aura Gravity Ventilator is a simple process. Homeowners and professionals can install these vents on both new roofs and to replace old roof turbines.
Refer to the installation instructions provided by AVP to ensure proper installation and maximize the vent’s effectiveness. Roof vents require no maintenance.

Warranty: Innovative round rear vent, RounBackIntake

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-Year
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1 .- 12"Ø, 2" Tall Collar, 113 Sq.In/0.78 Sq. Ft., 235/470 IBC, 2/12 min, 5/12 max, Pitch Capacity.
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46 x 15 x 46
20 1 USRBI-001
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