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Efficient Flat Roof Ventilator, WitchHato

Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)

General Characteristics: Efficient Flat Roof Ventilator, WitchHato

Passive ventilation is a crucial element in maintaining the health and longevity of flat roofs.
One innovative solution for flat roof ventilation is the Witches Hat, a passive vent designed by Active Ventilation Products (AVP).
Proper ventilation helps remove excess heat during the summer and excess moisture during the winter, thus extending the roof’s lifespan and enhancing the performance of HVAC systems.
AVP acknowledges this significance and offers the Witches Hat as a reliable solution for flat roof ventilatioin.
The Witches Hat is designed to provide efficient ventilation for low-sloped or flat roofs. Its seamless top prevents the entry of water and snow, ensuring optimal performance even in harsh weather conditions.
The internal louvers are a barrier, preventing insects, rodents, or birds from infiltrating the attic space.
This vent effectively expels hot air during the summer and excess moisture during the winter, maintaining a healthy environment within the building.
Seamless top prevents water or snow entry.
Internal louvers prevent insects, rodents or birds from entering.
Exhausts hot air from the attic in the summer and moisture in the winter.
Ideal for flat or low sloped roofs
Installs easily on EPDM, PVC, TPO and other roof membranes because of detachable head.
Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum that is lightweight and rust free.

Product Applications: Efficient Flat Roof Ventilator, WitchHato

It adapts to residential and comercial buildings, as well as roofs with flat or steep slopes. A profesional can install a Fan in any climate zone and on all types of roofs.
Consult the climate zone chart to determine the appropriate collar height for installation in your area.
Homeowners and professionals can install these vents on both new roofs and to replace old roof turbines.
Please refer to the installation instructions provided by AVP to ensure proper installation and maximize ventilation effectiveness. Roof vents require no maintenance.

Warranty: Efficient Flat Roof Ventilator, WitchHato

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-Year
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1 .- 8"Ø, 12" Collar Height, Aluminum.
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