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VentDepot has it all in HVAC products, 

Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)

General Characteristics: VentDepot has it all in HVAC products,

The panel wattage is oversized to the fans at a rate of 2 to 1.
This results in a CFM production of angles up to 80 degrees
Quiet operation.
Compact design.
All aluminum construction.
Exhausts air continuously even after the sun sets or on cloudy days.
Aerodynamic internal cone increases performance.
Negligible roof loading.
Adaptable with all types of roofing materials.
No curb required.
Removable head for easy maintenance.
Works 24/7.
Louver design passed Dade County Hurricane Tests.

Product Applications: VentDepot has it all in HVAC products,

Removes heat, vapor, gasses, odors, smoke, solvents, and humidity.
Exhausting air passively (actively by wind and solar energy) also removes hot air from the attic on summer evenings and cloudy days, thus lowering attic temperatures and reducing air conditioning loads.

Warranty: VentDepot has it all in HVAC products,

Manufacturer's Limited Warranty: 1 Year in the USA.

Note: Products listed in this section are custom built and subject to 100% cancellation/restocking charges
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