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Portable air cooler, Apex1200

Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)

General Characteristics: Portable air cooler, Apex1200

The Apex1200 is more than just a refrigerator; it is an advanced design and durable cooler. With its aerodynamically designed body and textured finish, it promises lasting resilience. It cools large spaces by projecting a refreshing breeze of up to 40 feet.
Thanks to its revamped motor, enjoy quieter moments, creating a cooler and more peaceful environment.
Enhance your experience with the Apex1200, efficiently cooling an area of 1200 square feet. Experience a new level of comfort and productivity at your fingertips with our CoolSync technology and smartphone application. Stay cool, refreshed, and connected with the Apex1200.
The Apex1200 features a full digital display with Wi-Fi capability. Control your environment from anywhere.
Apex1200 uses a redesigned 19-inch fan assembly to cool up to 1200 square feet. Its high speed provides a refreshing breeze up to 40 feet away.
The redesigned motor reduces noise to 51 dB, creating a quiet environment while cooling.
The Apex1200 series ensures worry-free operation with water level indicators. Automatic shutdown, alerts, and a 40-gallon water tank.
Our rotomolded casings with textured design set durability standards, protecting against adverse conditions and extending the cooler’s lifespan.
The advance Apex system evenly distributes water, ensuring superior coverage and an enhanced cooling experience.

Product Applications: Portable air cooler, Apex1200

The Apex1200 is ideal for home use, as it can be employed in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, common areas, etc.
In office environments, it helps maintain a pleasant temperatura, and in classrooms and common areas of schools, it provides effective cooling. It is also suitable for businesses and restaurants, as it keeps customers and employees comfortable.
Additionally, the Apex1200 can be utilized in hotels, gyms, factories, warehouses, greenhouses, greenhouses, sports facilities, etc.

Warranty: Portable air cooler, Apex1200

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-Year
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1 .- Capacity 40G, 120V, 60Hz, 1PH, 403W, 5A, 0.33 Hp, 4000CFM, 6800 m³/hr, 25 mph, 40 kph, 1200 Sq.Ft., 51/43 High/Low.
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