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Quiet Heavy Duty Dehumidifier, MediumDry

Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)

General Characteristics: Quiet Heavy Duty Dehumidifier, MediumDry

The VentDepot MediumDry CD200 is a high capacity dehumidifier; made to operate at high efficiencies by removing moisture from the air through the refrigeration process.
KEY DESIGN FEATURES of VentDepot MediumDry CD200 are:
An adjustable humidistat to control the level of dryness desired
Remote humidistat facility.
Includes a condensate pump with a high capacity pumping height.
VentDepot offers MediumDry CD200 with unique "Reverse Cycle" defrosting system, for effective operation in low ambient temperatures
VentDepot MediumDry CD200 has a quiet, 2 speed fan.
Self- contained for quick and easy installation
No duct work required may be ducted if desired.
Adjustable feet to facilitate easy installation.
Totally enclosed coils in an epoxy-coated, heavy gauge steel case.
Optional inlet / outlet duct flanges.

Product Applications: Quiet Heavy Duty Dehumidifier, MediumDry

The VentDepot MediumDry CD200 dehumidifier has been introduced to serve the demands of medium sized areas without the need to use multiple units. Warehouses, factories, offices and other medium scale facilities with ambient temperatures ranging from 33°F can be cured of humidity and condensation problems efficiently and automatically without over burdening costly heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The VentDepot MediumDry CD200 unit can be utilized singly or in multiple units to provide protection on any scale. The CD200 can have ducted applications where design requirements specify.

Warranty: Quiet Heavy Duty Dehumidifier, MediumDry

The VentDepot MediumDry CD200 by Ebac Dehumidifiers has a 1 year manufacturer´s warranty.
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