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Military Standard Dehumidifier, DryGear

Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)

General Characteristics: Military Standard Dehumidifier, DryGear

The Ebac SPP6A Dehumidifier is a military standard dehumidifier.
Built to military specifications.
The Ebac SPP6A Dehumidifier may be deployed inside flexible sealed storage covers or well-sealed rooms.
The Ebac SPP6A Dehumidifier is supplied with a monitor box which is positioned on the outside of the dehumidified area.
The monitor box allows the operating status of the dehumidifier to be confirmed without needing to enter the dehumidified area.
Monitor reads Power On, Dehumidifier running, and High Humidity Warning Lamp.
Copper refrigeration circuit throughout the Ebac SPP6A Dehumidifier for long life, integral refrigerant compressor cut-off device.
Hermetically sealed internal components of the Ebac SPP6A Dehumidifier minimize maintenance requirements.
Should the humidity rise above 60%RH the high humidity warning lamp on the external monitor box will be switched on.
The Ebac SPP6A Dehumidifier has a water gravity drain.

Product Applications: Military Standard Dehumidifier, DryGear

The function of the Ebac SPP6A Dehumidifier is to effectively remove moisture directly from the air, while maintaining a controlled humidity level.
The Ebac SPP6A Military Dehumidifier is used in protecting the Stores, Helicopters, Aircraft Hangers, Avionics, Simulation Rooms, Ammunition, Landing Vessels, Radar Systems, Aircraft Drop Tanks, Marine Vessels, Electrical Switchgear, Land Vehicles Stores, Aircraft Engines, etc.

Warranty: Military Standard Dehumidifier, DryGear

The Ebac SPP6A Military Dehumidifier has a 1 year manufacturer´s warranty.
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