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Category: Turbine Vents
Product Name: EmpiCop
VentDepot Item #: USECO-012
Manufacturing #: TV18C
Description: 18"Ø, 1623CFM, 2759m3/hr, Copper
Shipping Dimension: 36,38,36 in
Shipping Weight: 29 lb
Warranty: 3 Years
Lead Time: 45
UPC: 07500899068622
EAN: 07500899068622
GTIN: 07500899068622
Price: $1,250.07
Sale: -35% $875.05
Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)
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Characteristics of EmpiCop, Copper Rotary Wind Turbine
The VentDepot EmpiCop is a dependable Copper rotary turbine which works automatically, continuously and silently without operating or maintenance costs.
Outside braced for strength, safety and perfect alignment.
Ventilators up to and including 14” are aluminum braced. Larger sizes are steel braced for additional strength.
Operation is simple and sure.
When the slightest breeze touches the aerodynamic blade construction it causes the turbine to rotate. The centrifugal force caused by the revolving turbine creates a partial vacuum within the turbine. This vacuum is then replaced by a strong upward draft of air. A powerful exhaust is thus achieved.
Precision Built with grease Bearings
The lower thrust bearing is a hardened steel ball riding in a hardened steel concave seat (in sizes up to 8”) for extreme sensitivity and wear ability. In larger sizes, thrust type grease bearings are used. Upper bearings on all ventilators are bronze oil less.
The rigid construction of these storm proof ventilators assures years of efficient service.
No adjusting or servicing is required.
Applications of EmpiCop, Copper Rotary Wind Turbine
Removes heat, vapor, gasses, odors, smoke, solvents, and humidity
Used for: ventilation in small and large areas, exhaust pipes, bathrooms, warehouses, factories, commercial buildings, and all large projects of ventilation. The turbine can operate up to temperatures of 150°F.
Warranty of EmpiCop, Copper Rotary Wind Turbine
Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty: 2 Years. Warranty is void by Tornados, Chemical Destruction, or if placed on Chimneys. Or uses other than Ventilation.
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18"Ø, 1623CFM, 2759m3/hr, Copper

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