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Category: Explosion Proof Wall Fans
Product Name: ExploExhaust
VentDepot Item #: USEET-031
Manufacturing #: VI5419HL-X
Description: Belt Drive, 54"Ø, 37200CFM, 5HP, Explosion Proof, 230/460V, 13.8A, 3PH.
Shipping Dimension: 62,30,62 in
Shipping Weight: 393 lb
Warranty: 5 Years
Lead Time: 7
UPC: 07500902022016
EAN: 07500902022016
GTIN: 07500902022016
Price: $9,543.94
Sale: -35% $6,680.76
Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)
General Characteristics for use in factories, ExploExhaust
The VentDepot ExploExhaust is an industrial fan designed for use in factories, steel mills, machine shops or anywhere large volumes of warm or stagnant air must be removed.
This fan has an Exposion Proof motor and aluminum blades.
Units are available from 1/3 to 5 HP, ranging from 4,100 to 43,100 CFM).
Motors supplied are Class I, Div. 1, Groups C & D and Class II, Div. 1, Groups F & G.
Built with extra heavy duty steel components and frame with unique fastening system for easy field adjustment.
Surfaces have a durable powder coat finish.
Product Applications for use in factories, ExploExhaust
Recommended for most industrial ventilation where hot stagnant air needs to be removed and an Explosion Proof motor is required. CAUTION, WARNING: Although this product is supplied with an explosion proof motor and aluminum spark arresting fan blade, it is not intended to convey the suitability of the overall finished product in an explosive atmosphere, but only that the product has been supplied with certain components for this purpose. Wiring must be in accordance with local, state and national codes and be performed by a qualified electrician.
Warranties and Guaranties for use in factories, ExploExhaust
VentDepot´s warranty: 5 years.
Product Product Description Shipping Information Lead Time Warranty VentDepot Item # USEET-031
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Belt Drive, 54"Ø, 37200CFM, 5HP, Explosion Proof, 230/460V, 13.8A, 3PH.

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