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Product Name:
VentDepot Item #: USPXF-001
Description: 28" blade, 8500CFM, 15000 m³/hr, 110V/60Hz, 550W, 6.6A, 3/4HP, 26 mph, 39 kph, 2045 Sq.Ft., 78/56 High/Low, Capacity 52G.
Shipping Dimension: 59,69,33 in
Shipping Weight: 198 lb
Warranty: 1 Years
Lead Time: 20
UPC: 07500882385262
EAN: 07500882385262
GTIN: 07500882385262
Price: $6,243.75
Sale: -35% $4,370.63
Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)
General Characteristics of Evaporative Cooler, BearCool.
The BearCool it’s a cooler of advanced design and durability. With its aerodynamically crafted body and textured finish, it promises long-lasting resilience. Cooling large spaces is now effortless, projecting a refreshing cool breeze.
Thanks to its revamped motor, enjoy quieter moments, creating a cooler and peaceful environment.
Enhance your experience with the BearCool, efficiently cooling of up to 4200 square feet area.
The BearCool can quickly cool down 5-15? in 5-15 minutes. The professional tuyere design combined with the unique imported variable frequency motor supporting structure makes the wind stronger and the air supply distance farther.
The BearCool can be used as a single large square for cooling and dust removal, or multiple units can be combined for use, simple operation, no need to install, power saving, trouble saving and no worry.
High evaporation efficiency, excellent wetting characteristics, reduced pressure when wet, thereby reducing operating costs, low shrinkage, less scale formation, self-cleaning, high strength and self-supporting, long service life, low operating cost, simple and quick installation, and environmental protection.
The BearCool use the great motor Brazil WEG moter; international leading frequency conversion efficient motor, quiet, high-efficiency and stable, less power and sufficient, long service life, use less than 1 kilowatt per hour, saving costs.
Product Applications of Evaporative Cooler, BearCool.
The BearCool is ideal for home use, as it can be employed in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, common areas, etc.
In office environments, it helps maintain a pleasant temperatura, and in classrooms and common areas of schools, it provides effective cooling. It is also suitable for businesses and restaurants, as it keeps customers and employees comfortable.
Additionally, the BearCool can be utilized in hotels, gyms, factories, warehouses, greenhouses, greenhouses, sports facilities, etc.
Warranty of Evaporative Cooler, BearCool.
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1-Year.
Product Product Description Shipping Information Lead Time Warranty VentDepot Item # USPXF-001
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28" blade, 8500CFM, 15000 m³/hr, 110V/60Hz, 550W, 6.6A, 3/4HP, 26 mph, 39 kph, 2045 Sq.Ft., 78/56 High/Low, Capacity 52G.

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