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VentDepot Item #: USCWA-002
Description: 24"Ø, 3400/3100/2800CFM High/Med/Low, 120V, 2.3A, 1/4HP, 3 Speed, Wall Mount, Black.
Shipping Dimension: 10,29,29 in
Shipping Weight: 43 lb
Warranty: 1 Years
Lead Time: 10
UPC: 07500882696535
EAN: 07500882696535
GTIN: 07500882696535
Price: $442.24
Sale: -35% $309.57
Spec Sheet (.pdf) Spec Sheet (.pdf)
General Characteristics of CACU-W Series Commercial Circulators.
The energy-saving, large-volume wall-mounted air cap is attractively designed for modern, contemporary, or traditional interior applications.
This 120-volt, 3 speed, non-oscillating airflow unit is rugged, reliable, and an ideal unit for all types of personal work and play spaces.
Corrosion-resistant steel fan head construction is offered in a black finish, includes a wall base, and features a 20, 24 and 30- inch diameter three-blade aluminum blade attached to a steel bowl and a spider mount for high-speed performance.
Maintains constant airflow and easily eliminates suffocation in enclosed spaces.
The wall unit can be used temporarily in semi- sheltered outdoor areas such as deck and patio screens.
Product Applications of CACU-W Series Commercial Circulators.
For industrial and commercial use.
Good for indoor and outdoor use, in the case of outdoor use, protection may be need from the elements.
It is used to cool factories, shops, bakeries, loading docks, laundries, gymnasiums, warehouses, aircraft hangars, and virtually any place a high volume of air movement is required.
Warranty of CACU-W Series Commercial Circulators.
Manufacturer's Limited Warranty: 1 Years.
Product Product Description Shipping Information Lead Time Warranty VentDepot Item # USCWA-002
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24"Ø, 3400/3100/2800CFM High/Med/Low, 120V, 2.3A, 1/4HP, 3 Speed, Wall Mount, Black.

25 x 74 x 74
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