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 USA/ Heaters: Ceiling Mount Heaters
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THSS Series 3 Lamp (96) USDYH
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<b>Product Description:</b> Electric Infrared 3 Lamp TPI Heater<br>
<b>Weather Rating:</b> Outdoor/Indoor<br>
<b>Kilowatts:</b> 4.8 to 10.95 Kw<br>
<b>Heat Output:</b> 16,382 to 37,372BTUs<br>
<b>Voltage:</b> 208/220/240/277/480V<br>
<b>Reflector Angles:</b> 30deg, 60deg and 90deg<br>
<b>Color:</b> Stainless Steel<br>
<b>Mount Type:</b> Wall or Ceiling<br>
<b>Guard Options:</b> With or Without<br>
<b>Lamp Amount:</b> 3 Lamps<br>
<b>Lamp Type:</b> Clear<br>
<b>Product Type:</b> Industrial/Electrical TPI Heaters<br>
<b>Lead Time:</b> 1 to 2 weeks<br>
<b>Shipping Type:</b> DHL, Fedex, UPS Package, LTL Freight<br>
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Product Description: Electric Infrared 3 Lamp TPI Heater
Weather Rating: Outdoor/Indoor
Kilowatts: 4.8 to 10.95 Kw
Heat Output: 16,382 to 37,372BTUs
Voltage: 208/220/240/277/480V
Reflector Angles: 30deg, 60deg and 90deg
Color: Stainless Steel
Mount Type: Wall or Ceiling
Guard Options: With or Without
Lamp Amount: 3 Lamps
Lamp Type: Clear
Product Type: Industrial/Electrical TPI Heaters
Lead Time: 1 to 2 weeks
Shipping Type: DHL, Fedex, UPS Package, LTL Freight
Lead Time: 12 days.
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