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 United States/ Ecological HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
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Air Circulators
We sell 20, 24, and 30 inch diameter air circulators. Find fans with air flow up to 9850 CFM. We carry 1, 3, and 5 year warranties on some of our air circulators. Find oscillating or fixed models. We carry Pedestal, Wall, Dolly, Ceiling, and I-Beam mounts that can help you adapt our air circulators to your exact needs.
Air Curtains
We can supply you with any of your air curtain needs whether it be for industrial or commercial use, our air curtains will help with maintaining heat, cooling, keeping a clean atmosphere, health and hygiene. Used in places such as factories, warehouses, supermarkets and restaurants for the control of winter cold air, summer warm air, wind draughts, pests, insects, dust pollution, plus fumes and bad odors, our selection of units are perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere. We have a large choice of air curtain options, whether you are after a re-circulating air curtain or a non re-circulating type, single or double shaft, axel drives, winch drives or multi-speed drive.  So if you need an air curtain for your factory, mill, warehouse, greenhouse or commercial building we have what you need.
Air Flow Meters and Anemometers
We are authorized distributors for Kanomax´s line of air flow meters and anemometers. Kanomax air flow meters and anemometers are designed for more precise air measurements than other brands.
Air Purifiers
We are authorized distributors for Honeywell Commercial Air Products. These products are commercial and industrial air purifiers. We sell the F114 F111 F116 F90 F57A F57B F118 Commercial and Industrial Air Filtration Systems.
Air Quality Control and Particle Counters
We sell Particle Counters which can measure 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, and 5.0 micro meter particles.
Our particle counters can be used in Cleanroom Verification, Cleanroom Monitoring, Clean Bench Verification, IAQ Investigation, Food Processing Industry, Filtering Test, Hospital Surgical Room Cleanness, Leak Testing, and Filter Testing. Some units can be network capable of up to 8 units using Windows software.
Centrifugal Blowers
We manufacture and sell centrifugal blowers, exhaust centrifugal blowers, and up and down blast centrifugal blowers. The air centrifugal blowers are manufactured to move low, medium, and high volumes of air. The air centrifugal blowers have water gauge static pressures of high, medium, and low. These air centrifugal blower are fitted with air foil, multi blade, backwards blade, straight blade, etc. for different uses. The centrifugal fans and centrifugal blowers are used in the industrial industry, chemical industry, automotive industry, aerospace industry, paper industry, oil industry, kitchen exhaust industry, and much more industrial and commercial applications. The centrifugal blowers attach to our family of air ducts, air filters, air hoods, and HVAC/R accessories.
Custom Equipment
This section is for quoting custom products.
Dehumidifiers: Condensation
VentDepot has developed the best refrigeration dehumidifiers available. With tough demands in water removal our dehumidifiers are for industrial and commercial applications. They are also used by water restoration professionals in basements, rooms, and other residential contracts.Please enjoy quality dehumidifiers at great prices. New products such as portable dehumidifiers will ensure you stay dry anywhere you need to go. Plus, we have infrared surface, wall, and floor dryers. Infrared and fan forced surface dryers. If you are in the military industry then you should check our military dehumidifiers as well.
Dehumidifiers: Desiccant
Desiccant Dehumidifiers are designed to bring down humidity levels to less than 30% Relative Humidity. They are excellent dryers both for home and industrial and commercial applications. They do not need a water pump, rather they exhaust the wet air thru air ducts leaving the drying space.
Drum and Barrel Fans
We are authorized distributors for Triangle Engineering of AR and TPI Corporation´s line of Barrel or Drum Fans. These portable Barrel and Drum fans can be used for commercial and industrial applications. We carry the complete line of Triangles HeatBuster fans.
Duct Fans
We manufacture and sell tube axial fans which are made to handle medium air pressures in side ducts. Our tube axial fans are available in direct drive or belt drive systems. The tube axial fans use open, totally enclosed, explosion proof, or hazardous location motors. These fans can handle smoke, mists, oil, grease, or light dust in air. The tube axial fans can connect with our entire line of air ducts, air filters, kitchen hoods, industrial hoods, and HVAC accessories.
Evaporative Coolers: Portable
We manufacture and sell a wide range of evaporative coolers. Our evaporative coolers can be fixed or portable. Evaporative coolers are used to cool dry environments to about cool water temperature. They can be used for all sizes of commercial and industrial buildings. We also have evaporative coolers designed for use in homes and residences. Evaporative cooler units do not use refrigeration cycles for cooling, rather they use cool water that passes through a wall creating a cross flow of cool water and air. Our evaporative coolers can produce an excellent result in lowering energy costs by providing an efficient way of cooling. Proper ventilation is needed to accomplish comfortable temperatures. Remember you can cool effectively hot dry areas with evaporative cooling.
Evaporative Coolers: Portable Hazardous Location
The Explosion Proof Evaporative coolers are designed to work with out producing any sparks or ignition of combustible air. Proper ventilation is needed to accomplish comfortable temperatures. Remember you can cool effectively hot dry areas with evaporative cooling.
Exhaust Wall Fans
We are authorized distributors for Triangle Engineering of AR and TPI Corporation line of Axial Wall Fans. You can purchase fans from 10 inch diameters up to 60 inch diameters. Our fans include commercial and industrial ventilation wall fans. We also carry Hazardous Location or Explosion Proof wall fans.
Fan Accessories
Do you need shutters, guards or hood for you exhaust fans? We have great options, with both automatic shutters that open and close with the wind or electric operated shutters. For increasing the exhaust or intake of your fans the hoods are a great, plus they can protect your fans from the elements. Lastly the guards, not only are they used for safety but also protect your product from items getting in and damaging your fans.
Heaters: Commercial and Industrial
We have a great selection of portable heater for both indoor and outdoor use, although if you intend on using them outside the may need and enclosure as they are not rain tight. Some of the larger portable heaters also come with cart/dolly for easy mobility. So where ever portable heat is needed, whether you have to heat an area or dry paint or damp areas ect, the portable heater is perfect.
Heaters: Down Flow Fan Forced
The Down flow fan forced heaters are used for residential, commercial and industrial use. Some of the heaters have the options of louvers (for directional heat), and/or recessed or ceiling mount. Use where ever the use of downward heat is needed.
Heaters: Electric Infrared for Ceiling and Wall
If you are looking to spot heat or heat an area our heater options will definitely keep you covered. With the choices of single, double or triple lamp options, you will find our heaters perfect for melting snow, heating areas, incubation, for suckling animals, hot yoga classes, glass and metal treating. We also have different mounting options for the ceiling, wall or by chain and you can also choose to have a guard or not. So if you are looking for industrial, commercial, indoor or outdoor heaters we have what you need.
Heaters: Electric Wall or Ceiling Mounted Salamander
These ceiling or wall mounting optional portable salamanders are used industrial commercial and utility applications are used where the need for portable high heat is required. Used for both indoors and outdoors, although an enclosure may be required outdoors as they are not rain-tight. The salamanders are the electric alternative to propane and/or kerosene.
Heaters: Hazardous Location
These heaters are specialty items for the explosion proof environment where the air can ignite or explode and cannot be exposed to incandescent objects.
Ideal for places such as warehouses, flour mill pump houses & mines ect. where the possibilities of explosions and fire exist.
Heaters: Industrial
Designed to provide heat for both small and large spaces, our industrial heaters are versatile and practical. Working efficiently and silently the Industrial heaters can be used in commercial and industrial areas, and are great energy savers. You can use these for either heating or ventilation.
Heaters: Plenum and Duct
All of our plenum and duct heaters are able to be used in commercial and industrial environments and are ETL-CETL listed. The plenum heaters are made from a 20 gauge steel and are available with a variable speed motor, and use the duct heaters in fan only mode to increase CFM output. Both plenum and duct heaters are made in America.
High Velocity Fans
We manufacture and sell Indoor and Outdoor High Speed Fans. Our High Speed Fans are capable of blowing air up to 100 feet away. The High Speed Fans have a variety of mounting solutions such as Pedestal Mounts, Wall Mounts, Post Mount, Ceiling Mounts, or I Beam Mounts, and Dolly Mount. Our High Speed Fans are available in Oscillating and none Oscillating designs.
Misting Controls, Filters, and Accessories
If you need replacement parts for your misting products such as controls, filters or accessories. The filters work hard to adverse the effects of calcium and dissolved solids in any water supply. We will accommodate all your misting needs if its replacement, extras or accessories we have you covered.
Misting Nozzles and Adapters
If you need to change the angle of your mist, the distance or even the amount, then that is where our nozzles, links, adapter connections and clusters come in.  The SauNozz will allow your misting spray patterns to vary from 60° to 90° and with the ConnectLink you can increase the performance, so choose the right one for you.
Misting Pumps
We manufacture and sell a wide variety of misting systems, misting products, and misting kits. Typical applications include cooling, humidification, dust control, odor control, and special effects. Recommended for hot dry air conditions, in areas like green houses, the hotel industry and restaurants, and are ready to operate bot indoor and outdoor.
Misting Tubing & Fittings
Everything you need to improve your misting units are right here, flexible and fixed tubing, Lok fittings, elbows, X and T connectors. So if you are trying to extend the range of your mist or the areas you want misted these items will definitely help to make the most out of any misting experience. Also with a product name that has been in the industry for over 20 years you can’t go wrong.
Roof Fans
We manufacture and sell roof fans. Our Roof Fans Include Solar Cell Roof Fans and Electrical Motor Roof Fans. Our Motorized Roof Fans come in various sizes, from home to industrial grade; available with direct or belt drive systems. These electrical roof fans can be order for intake or exhaust configurations. Our solar cell roof fans, come from 4 inch diameters up to 30 inch diameters; you can really save energy with our solar cell roof fans. We also have a convenient attic roof fan which is available in 3 colors to match your roof.
Round Ducts
Our duct family currently includes dampers a different sizes to be installed with turbine vents for minimizing heat escape in cold weather.
Thermostats & Humidistats
We manufacture and sell a wide range of Temperature and Relative Humidity Controllers. Our Thermostats and Humidistats can have control by inline voltage or DC voltage. Thermostats range from simple mechanical, to intermediate digital, and complex like the Explosion Proof or Hazardous Location thermostats. The thermostats can be for heat only, cooling only, heat and cool digital. SPST, DPDT, SPDT. Single Pole Single Throw, Double Pole Double Throw, Single Pole Double Throw. We also carry an in line electromechanical humidistat for humidity control of HVAC applications.
Turbine Vent: Bases
Turbine Vent Bases are used for Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Shops, Homes, and all occasion general ventilation. The Turbine Bases come in Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Copper, and Stainless Steel. They range from 4” diameters to 30” diameters. Flat, Curb, Ridge, and single Slope options are available.
Turbine Vents: Rotary Turbines
Turbine and Rotary Vents are used for Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, Shops, Homes, and all occasion general ventilation.  The Turbine and Rotary Vents come in Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Copper, and Stainless Steel. They range from 4” diameters to 24” diameters.  We include a 50 year warranty Turbine Vent, TurboVent, which sells internationally in 20FT and 40FT containers.
Whole House Fans
We manufacture and sell Whole House Fans and Whole House Fan Shutters.  Our Whole House Fans can be direct drive or quiet belt drive fans. These whole house fans are designed to exhaust hot air from the inside of the house into the attic, and then out of the attic through proper attic ventilation devices such as turbine vents, ridge vents, gable fans, or gable louvers.
Are you looking for the lowest prices for your heating, cooling, or ventilation products? Then VentDepot is exactly where you need to be. You can buy on line or we can supply you with a quote that will include shipping and lead time. Plus with our ever growing number of stock, currently at 143,283 products we have what you need.
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