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United States/Drum and Barrel Fans/CPB Swivel Series United States / Drum and Barrel Fans / CPB Swivel Series

Commercial Swivel Portable Blower, CPB Swivel Series

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General Characteristics: Commercial Swivel Portable Blower, CPB Swivel Series

The CPB Series is a permanently lubricated, Direct Driven portable blower.
Can be used in industrial, commercial, and residential areas.
For indoor use or under a patio roof.
Used for cooling and moving large volumes of air.
The Blades are made of aluminum and have 2 sizes of 30ӯ, & 36ӯ.
Comes with a SJT type 3 conductor, 6FT and 9FT cords. The High/Low switch is a rocker switch.
For Safety the CPB Series are designed with spiral wire front and rear guards.
CPBS 24-DHV is a high velocity swivel blower.
The steel housing is made from a 20 gauge powder coated steel.
Also includes 5” rubber wheels.
The motor is open ventilated.
Motor Specifications: 1 phase, 120V, 2 Speed & 1/3Hp.
The motor is designed with a ball bearing system & is totally enclosed.
Note: photograph is a representation of stocked models, actual models may vary in appearance.
The CPB Series meets OSHA standards plus is UL/U-CL listed.

Product Applications: Commercial Swivel Portable Blower, CPB Swivel Series

For industrial and commercial use.
Used for cooling factories, roofed patios, shops, bakeries, loading docks, laundries, gymnasiums, warehouses, hangars, and virtually any place a high volume of air movement is required.
For indoor and roofed outdoor use.

Warranty: Commercial Swivel Portable Blower, CPB Swivel Series

Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 year.
Warranty void if fan is left in rain or snow.
These products are built to order, thus they are non-returnable or non-refundable. Thank you.
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1.- Swivel Commercial Direct Drive Portable Blower 30" Ø, 1/3HP Open Motor, CFMHigh/Low 4400/3800, 3.6A, 2 Speed, 120V, 6FT Cord. 16x34x34
41 x 86 x 86
3 1 USCDS-001
Discount:-32%  SP:$334.43
2.- Swivel Commercial Direct Drive Portable Blower 24" Ø, 1/3HP Open Motor, CFM High/Low 3400/2900, 2.4A, 2 Speed, 120V, 9FT Cord. 16x30x30
41 x 76 x 76
3 1 USCDS-002
Discount:-32%  SP:$147.78
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